special price Samsung rotary/scroll inverter compressor DS2BB5033FVA, r32 refrigeration Rotary Compressor

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R-32 is one of the next generation refrigerants to replace R410A. R-32 has an ozone depletion potential of 0 and approximately 1/3 of the GWP of R-410A. R32 variable speed compressor is an inverter compressor using R32 refrigerant to carry heat in air conditioning system. It is also called inverter ac compressor or variable frequency compressor. As we know, the normal compressor is a fixed speed compressor, while inverter compressor can adjust its speed according to different temperature of the room by the inverter.

.The R32 digital inverter compressor adopts inverter technology, which the compressor speed can be varied to improve the efficiency.

.R32 refrigerant variable speed ac compressor has less harmful to the environment and less impact on global warming.

.Less Refrigerant Charge,R32 inverter rotary compressor makes the air conditioning system with 30% less per kilogram than traditional refrigerants such as R410A.

.Smart Control,The drives or controller for the R32 inverter air conditioner compressor are available.


the R32 compressor has higher compressor discharge temperature compared to other
refrigerants. This challenge is to be addressed before launch R32 product to market. Several design changes has
been deployed to lower the discharge temperature; however, there are trade-offs between compressor efficiency and
reliability.Enhanced Vapor Injection is an effective approach to control discharge temperature. An
acceptable discharge temperature could be set by controlling vapor injection flow rate. Liquid injections into the
scroll pockets or compressor suction line are alternatives to control discharge temperature; however, by using liquid
injection, the performance penalty will be anticipated, as power consumption will increase and efficiency will
A big part of the increased discharge temperature in a R32 compressor v.s. a R410A compressor is due to the
increased suction superheat. Because of lower mass flow, R32 suction gas is easier to be heated up by motor inside,
especially in a low-side compressor. As one of the solutions, a design change is deployed to shorten the distance
between the compressor suction line and scroll set suction inlet, which results in the superheat reduction by 20-30K.
When testing on different working conditions, more reduction on suction superheat at lower mass flow condition has
been observed.
Meanwhile, R32 scroll set is to be designed at a higher build-in volume ratio in order to reduce the recompression
heat and lower discharge temperature under high compression ratio condictions.
with better internal heat management and higher volume ratio design scroll, more than 25K
discharge temperature reduction is observed. It is expected to get more benefits at higher compression ratio


horse power: 5hp 


voltage range: 55~375v   3ph 

frequency: 42~360hz


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