30hp Bitzer 6G-30.2-40P Compressor Commercial Refrigerator Compressor R134a in stock

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Bitzer 6G-30.2-40P  specification 

Power: 22KW
Power: 380V/440V-50HZ/60HZ
Cylinder diameter (mm): 75
Stroke (mm): 55
Number of cylinders: 6
Exhaust volume: 126.8m3/h
Foot mounting size: 305mmx381mm
Dimensions (mm): length 790 width 503 height 443
Suction pipe inner diameter (mm): 54
Exhaust pipe inner diameter (mm): 35
Oil charge (liter): 4.75
Suitable for refrigerant: R134a R404A R507A R407C

We can also provide the following models

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(二)two stage bitzer reciprocating compressors

S4G-12.2Y,S6J-16.2Y    S4N-8.2Y   

S6H-20.2(Y)        S6G-25.2(Y)      S6F-30.2(Y)   

Bizer two-stage compressor rated power 4KW-44KW

This series of compressors is the result of extensive research and development based on years of experience in producing efficient and reliable piston compressors.
These compressors have been further developed and optimized for alternative refrigerants, especially HCFC R22, HFC R404A, and R507A, in some important details.
Using proven parts over the years, it is a product with a reliable structure that is widely used in a wide range of fields.
The matching of the airflow path and valve plate structure to cryogenic applications, coupled with the specially designed second generation motors and drive components for the highest efficiency, results in higher performance than previous cryogenic systems.
Universal compressor series for chlorine free HFC and HCFC’s refrigerants
Conversion to use HFC refrigerant:
● Use polyester oil approved by Bizer (compressor model suffix with “Y”) ● Match intermediate cooling expansion valve suitable for HFC refrigerant
Most important design features: □ Short gas path
● Large suction nozzle ● Minimum heat exchange □ Reliable valve plate design
● Impact resistant spring steel valve plate
Minimum space requirements
Extremely compact size design □ Low vibration and low noise
● 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder structures with optimized mass balance design, particularly quiet operation □ High cooling capacity and minimum energy consumption
● High efficiency working valve plate ● Minimum dead center clearance ● High efficiency large volume motor □ Durable drive components
● Eccentric shafts and crankshafts with hardened surfaces ● Sealed main bearing shells and large capacity oil pumps ● Patent oil return system ensures extremely low oil carryover rate ● Low friction bearing shells and aluminum pistons ● Piston rings with hard chrome plated surfaces ● Special crank pin bearing shells □ Pressure oil supply lubrication system
● Adopt gear oil pump that can work in both directions □ Large capacity built-in motor
● Gas cooling
Optimized rotor and stator sections with the highest efficiency and power factor □ IP54 protection grade junction box
Optional IP66 □ Electronic motor protection device
● Use PTC sensors to monitor motor temperature ● Exhaust temperature protection (optional) □ Built-in differential pressure safety valve □ Intermediate cooling liquid injection system
Optional mechanical TX valve
● Select an electronically controlled CIC system for R22
● Installed liquid subcooler ● Exhaust temperature protection sensor
● Motor protection device with additional functions (INT389) ● Crankcase heater ● Oil pressure protection switch ● Oil maintenance valve












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