Carlyle compressor 18-10134-23 102-795 18-10134-24 3 phase Marine reefer compressor ZMD26KVE-TFD

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in stock, brand new 

Model Number: ZMD26KVE-TFD

Weight (With Oil): 42.9 kg (95 lb)

Approved Oil: Uniqema Emkarate RL-32-3MAF

Oil Charge: 1774 ml (60 ounces)

Orginal : USA

Muaj Peev Xwm Ntau (BTU): 13500-64800

Voltage @ Hz: 380/420 @ 50, 460 @ 60

Tub yees: R-134a

If anything, the compressor is the most important part of the cooling system – and this fact is at the heart of the engineering activities that Carrier carries out. Carrier designs and manufactures some of the best compressors for use in cooling systems on the seas. However, it is always possible that a certain part of the compressor breaks and needs to be replaced. At Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V., you are at the right address to purchase various replacement parts for your Carrier compressor, such as gaskets, gasket covers, service valves, junctions, and even complete compressors. Check our webshop for the availability of these parts.


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