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06er099/ 06ea299 Carlyle Compressor, 06ea250 06ea265 Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Carrier 06e Compressor

Carlyle 06D/E semi-hermetic compressors are ideally suited for commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, process cooling, and environmental chambers. They are extremely flexible and may be used with many of the new HFC refrigerants such as R-507, R-404A, R-407C and R-134a, in addition to the conventional refrigerants (R-12, R-22, and R-502). The compressors may be operated at 50 or 60 hertz and are UL, CE, CSA, and ISO 9002 approved.

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Many of the prominent features of the 06D/E compressors are listed below.
– High-flow, automatically reversible oil pump provides positive-displacement oil lubrication.
– Crankcase venting system equalizes pressure during start-up and assures oil return to sump.
– Oversize sump holds extra oil in crankcase to prevent levels dropping below safe lubrication range during flooded starts.
– Contoured pistons lower cylinder clearances to increase compressor capacity and efficiency.
– High-efficiency valves provide increased refrigerant flow and lower pressure drops.
– Electronic oil-pressure switch.

 carlyle model numbers

Product Application

Application Scope of Compressor: cold storage, frozen food processing and storage, quick freezing cold storage, low temperature shelf, ice cream machine, showcase, chiller, large integrated air conditioning, laboratory and medical equipment, cold dryer, glass door commercial freezer, vending machine, Ice machine, beverage cabinet, heat pump, milk cooling tank, etc.

Application Scope of Ice machine: Shopping malls supermarkets,catering, hotel chilled, food, aquatic product processing, logistics and distribution, poultry slaughter, offshore fishing, water conservancy and hydropower, large concrete cooling project, textile dyeing, mine, pharmaceutical chemical cooling, artificial snowmaking , ice storage air conditioning energy saving and environmental protection and so on.

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15 hp Performer Scroll compressor SM185 SM185S4CC SM185S4QC SM185S3QC

Model SM185S4CC
 cooling Capacity (kw) 45.5
horse Power (hp) 15
input power (kw) 13.62
Refrigerant R22
Type scroll
current (A) 35
Weight (kg) 100
Height(mm) 353

more model numbers are available

SM185 (2)


SM185 (3)
SM185 (4)


1· Low noise
Due to the scientific design and high precision,the machine owns a fine dynamic balance and works smoothly with a low noise.
2· Excellent performance
The compressor has a scientific structure design , strictly chosen material and precise procession and it is strictly inspected.The factory has obtained the National Compulsory Products CCC Certification
3· No leakage
The compressor could operate without the leak of refrigerant and oil since the motor is built-in without shaft seal device.The machine contains a oil separation device,so the oil won’t spoilover.The compressor could work stablely at a low temperature environment.
4· Reliable safety device
The compressor is equipped with motor protector and discharge temperature monitor to prevent the overheat of the motor and the compressor and the operation beyond approved application pressure.
Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection protects your compressor from excessively high discharge temperatures. ASTP eliminates the need for a discharge line thermostat through our unique internal protection system. ASTP provides superior reliability, reduced warranty rates, and more value to the customer.

Machine Parts

Widely Usage: Cold storage, edible fungus, library, supermarket parallel units, laboratory equipment and ice making machine 
Brand: Performer
Original: France/China
Widely Range Of Temperature: From -40°C  to +10°C  with R404A、R134a and R22 Refrigerant In Option


Q:What is the MOQ?

A:Normally 1 piece.

Q:How about the compressor quality?

A:Famous quality.

Q:What compressor voltages you can supply, if we can have special voltages?

A: Almost all kinds of voltages we all can supply.

Q:What payment term?

A:Normally T/T or Trade assurance we can accept .

Q:When you ship my order?

A:Normally 3-7 days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.

Q:How about the warranty?

A:All the compressor we have one year warranty .

Q: can i truse you?

A: Absolutely yes. We are "alibaba" verified supplier.

Q: can you send sample?

A: yes, but pls pay the sample cost and freight.

Q: What is your main products?

A:We are focus on: Semi-Hermetic compressor , Hermetic compressor, Refrigeration compressor unit.

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