Copeland scroll digital compressor 6hp, 8hp, 12hp, ZPD61KCE ZPD72KCE ZPD122KCE

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Copeland Scroll Digital compressor increases HVAC system efficiency via capacity modulation and provide energy savings by precisely matching compressor output to your heating or cooling needs. This technology is perfect for buildings or rooms which experience widely varying loads or where tight temperature and humidity control are needed.

copeland digital compressor comfort to match your needs

The Copeland scroll digital offers compressor modulation from 10-100 percent, allowing cooling systems to automatically adjust capacity as needed while reducing energy consumption.  This scroll technology is up to 30 percent more efficient than traditional methods of system modulation.

The upgrade kit features the new Emerson Commercial Comfort Controller and the required valve, coil, thermistor, and tubing needed for a complete compressor replacement.

copeland digital compressor ZPD,ZRD series are in stock. 

Cleaning method for household central air conditioning of copeland digital compressor refrigeration unit – Cleaning steps for household central air conditioning
1. Open the suction grille, hold the two buttons, and slowly pull them down at the same time
2. Pull the hook on the air filter diagonally downwards and remove the filter.
3. Cleaning method: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, or clean with water or warm water. If there is too much dust, use a soft bristled brush and neutral detergent. After washing, shake off the water and then dry it in a cool place. Remember not to use hot water above 50 ℃ for cleaning to avoid discoloration or deformation; Do not dry on the fire as the filter may catch fire.
4. The air filter must be installed after cleaning. Hang the air filter on the protruding part of the upper part of the suction grille, and then fix it on the suction grille; Slide the convex handle on the back of the suction grille inward and install the air filter on the suction grille.
5. Close the suction grille, opposite to step 1, press the filter signal reset button on the control panel, and the reminder sign for central air conditioning cleaning will disappear. If there is excessive dust in the operating environment, the air filter should be cleaned approximately once every six months.


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Model Number: ZPD122KCE-TFD-532

Weight (With Oil): 62KG   

Approved Oil: COA 32E 200L 

Oil Charge: 3.3L

Orginal : Thailand

Displacement: 19.7m3/h

copeland digital compressor many models are available

copeland digital compressor


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