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  • Air Conditioner Hitachi screw compressor 60ASCP-Z, Hitachi Ac Compressor,Hitachi Refrigerator Compressor 60hp

    Air Conditioner Hitachi screw compressor 60ASCP-Z, Hitachi Ac Compressor,Hitachi Refrigerator Compressor 60hp

    Hitachi screw chillers use the latest Hitachi twin screw compressor to improve the structure of the heat exchanger, comprehensively improving unit performance and efficiency.
    Can provide a wide variety of application products:
    Water cooled: low temperature dual working condition unit
    (Minimum temperature can reach – 20 ℃)
    Heat recovery models, water source heat pump units, etc
    Air cooled: year-round operating models, hot water units
    Ultra quiet unit (industry’s lowest noise
    Horizontal), etc
    Product refrigeration capacity range: above 45kW

    Compared with other types of compressors, Hitachi screw compressors generally have the following advantages, and are widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, plant equipment, air heating, and other aspects.
    ① The screw compressor has few sliding parts, and there are no parts such as actuating valves that must be exchanged in a short period of time. Therefore, it has high reliability, and there is no need for long-term overhaul The structure is simple, and the number of main parts is about 1/10 of that of reciprocating type (compared to our company) Adopt double sealing structure, low noise.
    ④ The refrigerant compression is low vibration because it is compressed through continuous suction.
    ⑤ High efficiency, especially in low-temperature applications, air heat source cooling and heating, can play an outstanding performance. ⑥ There are two methods of capacity control: phased and continuous, which can widely adapt to different needs.
    ⑦ If liquid refrigerant is injected at the suction side of the compressor, the temperature of the discharged gas will not rise above 120 ℃. ⑧ Use a special synthetic lubricating oil that has a discharge temperature of 120 ° C and does not carbonize or deteriorate@ The starting load of the compressor is small. The motor can be started by using a small starting flow delta type( λ—— △)。

    60ASCP-Z hitachi compressor specification

    Refrigerant: r22/R407
    Horse power(hp):60
    Voltage:380~415V/ 3PH/50hz
    cooling capacity (KW): 184.9
    Displacement(m3/h): 208.7
    oil charge: 6L
    motor: 45kw   2p
    net weight: 460kg
  • Hitachi deep freezer compressor E655DHD-65D2YG R410a, Hitachi Dc Inverter Compressor

    Hitachi deep freezer compressor E655DHD-65D2YG R410a, Hitachi Dc Inverter Compressor

    Hitachi Compressor With R410a, Hitachi Dc Inverter Compressor E655DHD-65D2YG R410a specification

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    Hitachi scroll compressor, the compressor is the most important part of the air conditioner, which is equivalent to the human heart. How to choose an air conditioner? Of course, the air conditioner with scroll compressor is preferred!

    1. Hitachi patented high-efficiency DC variable speed scroll compressor and stepless frequency conversion technology
    The imported Hitachi high back pressure scroll compressor is adopted, and the compressor rotor is made of neodymium magnetic material, so that its efficiency is comprehensively improved. The stepless frequency conversion technology is adopted, and the running frequency of the motor is adjusted freely to realize stepless frequency conversion. E655DHD-65D2YG is a popular model number. 
    2. Two stage oil separation
    The compressor has the function of internal oil separation. At the same time, an oil separator is added to the exhaust circuit of the system to achieve two-stage oil separation. The system has higher operating efficiency and more stable and reliable operation. E655DHD-65D2YG is in stock. 
    3. Fast cooling and heating, accurate temperature control
    The DC frequency conversion control technology is adopted to quickly reach the set temperature during startup, and the room temperature can be controlled within ± 0.5 ℃ according to the load in the room. What are the benefits? First, the efficiency is high, not only the output power is more sufficient, but also the overall energy saving is higher. The second is that the vibration is small. If the compressor of the air conditioner is started, the vibration is relatively large. Especially when sleeping at night, the vibration noise will also affect the sleep of the neighbors, even downstairs, and affect our relationship. Third, the service life is long. The cost of compressor replacement is actually very high. Like a car, it is a big project to replace the engine. The longer the service life is, the better the economy is. Therefore, air conditioners with scroll compressors are preferred. Now more and more owners choose Hitachi! E655DHD-65D2YG high quality.