Design considerations for large cold storage

1. How to determine the volume of the cold storage?

The size of the cold storage should be designed according to the storage volume of agricultural products throughout the year. This capacity takes into account not only the volume necessary to store the product in the cold room, but also increases the aisles between rows, the space between stacks and walls, ceilings, and the gaps between packages. After determining the cold storage capacity, determine the length and height of the cold storage.

2. How to choose and prepare the cold storage site?

When designing a cold storage, the necessary auxiliary buildings and facilities, such as studios, packing and finishing rooms, tool storage and loading docks, should also be considered. According to the nature of use, cold storage can be divided into distributed cold storage, retail cold storage and production cold storage. The productive cold storage is built in the production area where the supply of goods is concentrated, and factors such as convenient transportation and contact with the market should also be considered. There should be good drainage conditions around the cold storage, the groundwater level should be low, there should be a partition under the cold storage, and the ventilation should be good. Keeping dry is very important for cold storage.

3. How to choose cold storage insulation materials?

The selection of cold storage insulation materials must be adapted to local conditions, which should not only have good insulation performance, but also be economical and practical. The structure of modern cold storage is developing into pre-refrigerated storage. For example, the commonly used thermal insulation material in fresh-keeping cold storage is polyurethane cold storage board, because of its good waterproof performance, low water absorption, good thermal insulation, moisture-proof, waterproof performance, light weight, convenient transportation, non-perishable, good flame retardancy, high compressive strength, The seismic performance is good, but the cost is relatively high.

4. How to choose a cold storage cooling system?

The choice of cold storage cooling system is mainly the choice of cold storage compressor and evaporator. Generally speaking, small refrigerators (nominal volume less than 2000 cubic meters) mainly use fully enclosed compressors. Medium-sized refrigerators generally use semi-hermetic compressors (nominal volume 2000-5000 cubic meters); large refrigerators (nominal volume greater than 20,000 cubic meters) use semi-hermetic compressors, but the installation and management of cold storage design drawings are relatively cumbersome.

5. How to choose a refrigeration compressor?

In the cold storage refrigeration unit, the capacity and quantity of the refrigeration compressor cold storage equipment are configured according to the heat load of the production scale, and each refrigeration parameter is considered. In actual production, it is impossible to be completely consistent with the design conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to select and adjust according to the actual production situation, determine the capacity and quantity of compressors for reasonable operation, and complete the required cold storage refrigeration tasks with low consumption and appropriate conditions.

Post time: Jul-14-2022