RSH105GD01,RSH105GR01 ,RSH105GA01, carrier r134a scroll compressor, reefer container 69NT40-541-001 compressor

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carrier compressor, part NO. 18-10134-23 compressor scroll carrier parts for reefer

horse power:10 hp
power source: 440-460V/3/60Hz
refrigerant: r134a/r407c/r404a
What should be paid attention to in cold storage insulation and energy conservation? carrier r134a scroll compressor RSH105GD01
Due to the above characteristics of cold storage buildings, in addition to strict insulation, sealing, durability, and frost resistance in design and construction to ensure building quality, in daily use and management, scientific management and safe production should also be implemented based on the characteristics of the cold storage to extend its service life, reduce production costs, save maintenance costs, and improve enterprise economic efficiency. Cold storage is a special building used for food freezing and refrigeration, and to maintain low temperatures. Carrier compressors are used on ships, and thick axial flow fans are installed on the floors, walls, and roofs of the warehouse.
carrier r134a  compressor RSH105GD01
Carrier compressors generate heat, and troubleshooting of Carrier compressors. From the perspective of energy conservation, it is necessary to minimize the startup time and number of units, However, in actual fruit and vegetable storage, the operation method that is both economical and product quality is: when entering the warehouse, all the axial flow fans are turned on, and the Carrier compressor accessories are used. After the temperature stabilizes, the number of opened units is reduced, and strict temperature requirements are imposed on the storage varieties. In order to ensure uniform temperature between the upper and lower parts, 1-2 axial flow fans are still kept in operation when the refrigeration and liquid supply are stopped. The moisture-proof layer and insulation layer of the compressor are generally evaluated using accelerated life test methods for the working life of the compressor.
carrier  compressor RSH105GD01
Commonly used methods include 68t speed wear test, 1000h, 2000h or even longer life test, 2000 ‘, and hour life test, which can also assess the compatibility of various materials.


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