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How to reduce damage to refrigeration equipment?

In our modern life, the demand for refrigeration equipment is getting higher and higher. Many households, supermarkets, warehouses, etc. have a demand for it. Many people use the equipment. Maintenance work is used to reduce damage to it and improve its service life, but each maintenance cost is relatively expensive. In order to save maintenance costs and reduce damage to equipment, we need to use it in daily life. Protect it more in the process of equipment and reduce the damage to it. Next, let’s talk about how to reduce the damage to it.

Refrigeration equipment

1. Do a series of inspections before the equipment is used. The contents to be checked include the closing of the valves on the various pipelines of the compressor and the refrigeration system, safety valves, pressure gauges, liquid level indicators, oil collectors, air relief valves, liquid accumulators and other important parts are there? If there is a fault, check that all parts are free of fault before turning it on for use.

2. Let the device be used in a safe environment. We need to find a safe environment to install the equipment. In the process of installation, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity use, install an independent power supply, and effectively control the safe voltage and current to meet the purpose of normal operation, which can avoid Many electricity safety issues.

3. Do a good job of cooling the equipment. In the long-term use, its motor is prone to generate heat, so we need to use some substances to cool it down. Many people use Freon to reduce the ambient temperature. Therefore, in the actual use process, users can The cooling effect is improved by injecting high-quality refrigerant.

The above is an introduction to the methods of reducing damage to refrigeration equipment, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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