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Precautions for use of ZMD26KVE-TFD reefer scroll compressor

1. The inclination angle of compressor installation shall not be greater than 5 degrees; The nameplate of the compressor shall be marked with consistent lubricating oil to ensure that the parameters of the power supply and the nameplate of the compressor are consistent. The compressor shall be filled with dry nitrogen when leaving the factory, and the pressure inside the compressor shall be released before connecting of ZMD26KVE-TFD reefer compressor.

2. During leakage detection of the refrigeration system and compressor operation, the maximum pressure shall not exceed the pressure specified on the compressor nameplate. Do not use air to test run the compressor, because ZMD26KVE-TFD reefer compressor high-pressure air and oil are mixed, and the mixed high-pressure gas may explode due to the high temperature of the vortex exhaust port, resulting in compressor damage.

3. Check whether the suction and exhaust valves are open before starting the compressor. It is very important to fully open the exhaust valve before starting the compressor. If ZMD26KVE-TFD reefer compressor the exhaust valve is not fully opened, dangerous high pressure and high temperature will be generated in the compressor.

4. The maximum breaking pressure of the system is not more than 28bar. It is recommended to have a manual reset after the high pressure is cut off, so as to completely eliminate the fault. The cut-off setting value of the low pressure switch is not allowed to be lower than 0.1bar.

5. Do not mix ester oil, mineral oil or alkylbenzene. The ZMD26KVE-TFD reefer compressor has been filled with lubricating oil before leaving the factory. R404A compressor uses POE synthetic ester oil, and R22 compressor uses 3GS mineral oil. The nameplate of the compressor indicates the initial oil filling volume before delivery. The on-site filling volume can be about 100ml less than the initial filling volume.

6. ZMD26KVE-TFD reefer compressor during pipeline welding, nitrogen must be filled inside the pipeline for protection to prevent oxide scale from blocking the system. Any copper and silver alloy welding material can be used for welding, preferably containing 45% silver electrode, to obtain the best welding quality. It is recommended to wrap the suction and exhaust pipes with wet cloth before welding.

7. When the compressor is running but the pressure difference cannot be established or the running sound is too loud. It may be that the three-phase connection of compressor U, V and W is wrong, and two of them need to be exchanged.

Post time: Mar-16-2023