RefComp semi-hermetic screw compressor SW series for refrigeration

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RefComp, the first company trusting to screw compressor in Italy, is the lead in commercial screw compressor industry. After 25 years of development, RefComp will provide optimized refrigeration solution to the client with its various product series in A&C and refrigeration industry.

RefComp SW semi-closed screw refrigeration compressor SW3H and SW3L are 28 models, with displacement of 118~700m3/h (@50hz) and power range of 30HP~240HP.

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Refcomp screw compressors for refrigeration air conditioners:

SRC-S – applicable to refrigerants R22, R407C, R404A and R507, having eight models.

It features best configuration for different application such as in flooded and room/high temperature water source heat pumps and chiller units.


RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW0H-1 RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW0H-2 RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW0L-1 RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW0L-2 RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW1H-1 RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW1H-2 RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW1L-1 RefComp-Screw-Compressor-for-Refrigeration-SW1L-2



In the field of refrigeration air conditioners, the focus on compressors is no longer limited to reliability and adaptability

but will be more about other aspects such as efficiency, noise, easy installation and maintenance.

Our Refcomp compressors have combined these merits and are committed to becoming the best.


SW3H, SW3L respectively applicable to the field of high temperature and low temperature refrigeration, the minimum can be applied to – 50 ℃ low temperature conditions.

1. Application scope

2. High efficiency and low energy consumption

3. Stable operation and low noises

4. Easy for parallel use of compressor units

5. Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

6. Refrigerant: R22/R404A/R507C

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