Bitzer 6FE-50Y-40P compressor

Short Description:


Electrical: Part Winding
Voltage: 380v-420v/3ph/50hz – 440v-480v/3ph/60hz
Net Weight: 241kg
790 (L) x 503 (W) x 443 (H)

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Technical Data
Displacement (1450 RPM 50Hz) 151,6 m³/h
Displacement (1750 RPM 60Hz) 183,07 m³/h
No. of cylinder x bore x stroke 6 x 82 mm x 55 mm
Weight 241 kg
Max. pressure (LP/HP) 19 / 32 bar
Connection suction line 54 mm – 2 1/8”
Connection discharge line 42 mm – 1 5/8”
Oil type R134a/R407C/R404A/R507A/R407A/R407F BSE32(Standard) | R134a tc>70°C: BSE55 (Option)
Oil type R22 (R12/R502) B5.2(Option)
Oil type R1234yf/R1234ze BSE32 (Standard) | R1234ze tc>70°C & to>0°C: BSE55
(Option) | R1234ze to>15°C: BSE85K (Option)
Motor data
Motor version 1
Motor voltage (more on request) 380-400V PW-3-50Hz
Max operating current 96.2 A
Winding ratio 50/50
Starting current (Rotor locked) 226.0 A Y / 404.0 A YY
Max. Power input 51,0 kW
Extent of delivery (Standard)
Motor protection SE-B2, CM-RC-01(Option)
Enclosure class IP54 (Standard), IP66 (Option)
Vibration dampers Standard
Oil charge 4,75 dm³
Discharge shut-off valve Standard
Suction shut-off valve Standard
Available Options
Discharge gas temperature sensor Option
Start unloading Option
Capacity control 100-66-33% (Option)
Capacity Control – infinite 100-10% (Option)
Additional fan Option
Oil service valve Option
Crankcase heater 140 W (Option)
Oil pressure monitoring MP54 (Option), Delta-PII
Sound measurement
Sound power level (+5°C / 50°C) 83,9 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound power level (-10°C / 45°C) 82,8 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound power level (-35°C / 40°C) 90,5 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (+5°C / 50°C) 75,9 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (-10°C / 45°C) 74,8 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (-35°C / 40°C) 82,5 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound power level (+5°C / 50°C) R134a 81,9 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound power level (-10°C / 45°C) R134a 80,8 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (+5°C / 50°C) R134a 73,9 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (-10°C / 45°C) R134a 72,8 dB(A) @50Hz

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