-18 container computer plat, ML3 controller 12-00579-00

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Reefer parts are parts needed for the maintenance or repair of refrigerated trailers or trucks, commonly known as reefers. These parts may include:1. Compressors2. Evaporator coils3. Condenser coils4. Fans and motors5. Expansion valves6. Thermistors7. Control panels8. Refrigerant9. Hoses and fittings10. FiltersThese parts are essential for proper functioning and preservation of temperature sensitive cargo during transportation.


The ML3 controller with part number 12-00579-00 used for Micro Link3, is a discontinued controller ,  Since this product is discontinued, it may be difficult to find technical support or replacement parts for it. However, we  can try contacting dealer directly or searching for third-party sellers that specialize in discontinued or vintage controllers.

USD642   , EXW  unit price 

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