What is the horse power of the electric refrigeration of refrigerated containers?

Refrigeration power of refrigerated containers is basically the same, but it is necessary to distinguish between freshness preservation and freezing. Refrigeration power is about 11kw when freshness preservation is above 0 degrees, and about 7kw when freezing is – 18 degrees.
Electric refrigeration for 40 ‘refrigerated container
30P compressor, 16 square cable.
40 high freezer: the internal dimension is 11.62m × 2.29m × 2.50m/the general gross weight of cargo distribution is 22t/the volume is 67m3.

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There are two types of refrigerated containers: external and internal. The temperature can be adjusted from – 60 ℃ to+30 ℃.
The built-in container can start the refrigerator at will during transportation to keep the container at the specified temperature; The external type must rely on the refrigerator equipped on special container vehicles, ships and special storage yard stations to cool. This box is suitable for transporting butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, margarine, etc. in summer.
When refrigerated containers are used to transport frozen goods, the temperature shall not be higher than – 18 ℃. 

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Generally, the average cooling rate of a foot refrigerated container is 31.3 ℃/h (empty container); However, after loading, due to the large heat capacity of the goods, the cooling speed will be greatly slowed down, sometimes it takes 15-16h to meet the set temperature requirements. If the incoming temperature is high, it takes 2-3d to reach the set temperature. container compressors all model numbers are avaiable. 
The speed of temperature rise and fall in the refrigerated container is related to the goods loaded in the container. When the temperature reaches the set range of – 18 ℃± 3 ℃, the temperature in the container shall be kept stable. However, the following empirical formula can be used as the standard value to calculate the temperature rise when the refrigerator is not refrigerated
1. Cooling cargo (without ventilation) 0.0054 * (tw tn) ℃/h
2. Frozen cargo 0.0067 * (tw tn) ℃/h
Where tw and tn are the external temperature and the temperature in the box ℃ respectively.

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