Which brand and models of container compressor is more popular?

For refrigerated trucks, compressors are like the “heart” and are very important. Once the “heart” strikes, the entire refrigerated truck will be paralyzed and useless. Therefore, friends must pay attention to the choice of brand and model when purchasing compressors.
Currently, the most popular brands of container refrigeration and lodging machines in the market include Carrier, Thermo King, and Daikin (JT224D-NYR), JT224DNYR@S2 ,JT224D-NYR@S , JT224DCNYR@S2 JT224DBNYR, Copeland, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, etc. Specifically, the following brands and models are relatively popular in the market:

1. Carrier ZMD18KVE-TFD-275, ZMD18KVE-TFD-977, a joint venture imported brand. Carrier is the world’s largest supplier of HVAC and refrigeration equipment, and a global leader in providing energy management and sustainable building services. Carrier Company is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut, USA, with production and sales covering over 180 countries including China. 
2.Thermo King, designed and manufactured by Cold King Company in the United States, is a joint venture imported brand and a benchmark in the refrigeration equipment industry. It has a huge user base, good reputation, stable performance, and is one of the most commonly used high-end refrigeration compressors, comparable to Carrier in the United States.ZMD18KVE-TFD-275, ZMD18KVE-TFD-977 made in china. 
3. Daikin JT224D-NYR, JT224DNYR@S2 , JT224D-NYR@S , JT224DCNYR@S2 ,JT224DBNYR all these models are hot. Compressors are the heart of refrigeration systems. Whether it is air conditioning, cold storage, chemical refrigeration processes, and other operating conditions, compressors are an important link to ensure. There are many types and forms of refrigeration compressors, and according to the principle, they can be divided into two types: volumetric and velocity, with volumetric being the most common. Compressors complete the compression and transportation process of gas by changing its volume! Any power equipment needs a prime mover to complete its work, and the compressor also needs an electric motor to drive it. 
4. Mitsubishi R22
5. Toshiba CRR5-35 models have shown outstanding performance in energy efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness, thus receiving widespread praise from users. However, different users have different needs and usage environments, so selecting a suitable container refrigeration and lodging machine needs to be evaluated and compared based on the actual situation.
Refrigerators are divided into non independent and independent refrigeration units. The independent refrigerator has a separate power supply system, which can be connected to an external 220V current for power supply when the vehicle is stopped from running, ensuring the operation of the refrigerator. Independent refrigerators are generally used on medium to large refrigerated vehicles such as 6-8 meters, 9-6 meters, and semi trailers.
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