Carlyle compressor introduction, carrier compressor application

Refrigeration equipment can be divided into two categories according to its application field: commercial refrigeration equipment and household refrigeration equipment. Among them, industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment can be divided into three categories according to their different purposes: industrial refrigeration equipment, central air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. At present, China has developed into the world’s second largest consumer market and largest producer of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. The refrigeration and air conditioning industry is also a vital force in China’s equipment industry and an important component of the national economy. The dependence of China’s air conditioning business on the construction industry is constantly decreasing. With the current industry’s dependence on real estate decreasing, the segmented markets of commercial buildings such as data centers, pharmaceuticals, and cold chain logistics have provided new space for refrigeration, HVAC, and air conditioning products. As a key area of national support, cold chain logistics has been continuously strengthened in recent years, and e-commerce services have been extended to fresh fields such as fruits and vegetables, frozen meat, and aquatic products. Cold chain logistics is expected to usher in a period of rapid development. As an upstream provider of cold chain logistics equipment, the refrigeration equipment market has broad prospects.

Here we introduce the Carrier semi enclosed compressor.

Carrier Carlyle compressor Origin: US/China Model: 06D Series, 06E High Temperature Series, 06EM Medium Temperature Series Type: Semi closed reciprocating compressor, screw compressor. Hengyi Industry CO.,LTD sales copeland, Carrier, Bizer, Mitsubishi,  Hitachi, Bristol, performer, Daikin, Maneurop and other brands of compressors! The main function carrier compressor is: 1. to suck m vapor from the evaporator and maintain a certain evaporation pressure inside the evaporator; 2. Pressure (compression) to create conditions for condensation at higher temperatures; 3. Transport refrigerant to complete the refrigeration cycle. Carrier compressor features: There is a specific contour on the piston surface, which allows the suction valve plate to fit with the groove of the piston, thereby reducing clearance, capacity, and efficiency. The connecting rod has through holes that provide good bearing lubrication and extend its service life. Carrier compressors have stable performance and can be widely used in refrigeration systems in various fields.
Carrier semi enclosed compressors adopt different technical solutions to meet the application range from air conditioning to deep cooling (6.5HP~40HP); Both conventional refrigeration and environmentally friendly refrigerants (suitable for R22, R12, R502, R134a, R404a, R407c) can meet the requirements.
Features: Carrier compressors all use 4 and 6 cylinders, with high cooling capacity, low noise, disc valve plate and sturdy valve plate structure, high-quality wear-resistant transmission mechanism, and efficient return air cooling motor, achieving excellent results. The specially designed oil return system, combined with the casing design of the low oil level and enlarged oil tank, makes it particularly suitable for use in situations with large inclination, so it is widely used in the air conditioning and refrigeration of automobiles and ships. And for use in harsh environments. And it is particularly handy in ordinary refrigerated warehouses, refrigerated warehouses, industrial chillers, supermarket systems, and air conditioning equipment.
Understanding of Carrier Compressor Models:
(06DA, 06EA refer to high temperature compressors, series adaptation: air conditioning, air conditioning heat pumps, heat pump hot water, industrial chillers, refrigerated warehouses, refrigerators, etc.)
(06EM refers to the medium temperature series of compressors suitable for air conditioning, industrial chillers, ice makers, refrigeration equipment, refrigerators, and cold storage)
(06DR refers to the low-temperature series of compressors that are suitable for industrial low-temperature chillers, ice makers, low-temperature refrigeration equipment, refrigerators, refrigerated warehouses, and freezers)
06CC550 (15-30HP) has a particularly significant advantage in being cheaper than other brands
06CC refers to the dual stage ultra-low temperature series of compressors suitable for: ultra-low temperature chillers, ice makers, ultra-low temperature cooling equipment, ultra-low temperature refrigerators, ultra-low temperature refrigerated warehouses, ultra-low temperature refrigerated warehouses
Carrier compressors are widely used and cost-effective. If you need them, please feel free to contact us!
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Post time: May-12-2023